Residence Life - Atlanta: The Basics



How to Contract for Housing

You can access Residence Life Contracts through MyMercer

  • Log in to MyMercer

  • Go to Atlanta Housing

  • Select Appropriate campus

  • Scroll to select appropriate contract


The Housing Contract is for the entire academic year, the one bedroom unit is for 12 months. The contract is for residence in the University Apartments not for a particular building, room, or roommate. The contract is accessible through MyMercer under the Housing and Residence Life Heading. Once you have submitted the contract, you are bound to the terms of the contract (see Mercer University Housing Terms and Conditions and the Contract Cancellation policy).


Occupancy dates

·       Students may move in starting Saturday, August 13, 2016.  


·       Once the University Apartments open for the fall academic year, they remain open. They do not close for vacations, holidays or school breaks.  This means you do not move out when the University closes for Holiday breaks.


·       Occupancy ends at 12 noon the day after your last final exam for nine-month contracts and at the end of July for the twelve month contracts.  All students not continuing in the summer must move out.  May graduates with nine-month contracts may continue in the residence without charge until noon, one week after commencement. 


·       Fall term occupancy ends on December 16, 2016. If you are graduating or withdrawing and will not return during the spring term, you must vacate your apartment by this date.  You must contact Residence Life if you are not returning.


·       If you do not vacate and check out properly according to official occupancy dates, you will be charged and may have your belongings removed.


·       Under special circumstances, the Office of Campus & Residence Life may approve other requests to occupy rooms beyond the official occupancy dates, but you must request and receive permission in advance, all housing fees will apply.



Payment is due on the date University fees are due. The Office of Campus & Residence Life does not issue bills or invoices for housing fees. The Office of the Bursar issues bills and/or invoices. If the Office of Bursar does not receive the housing fee on or before five (5) days after the due date, a late fee will be assessed.

·       You will receive an estimated bill before the start of the semester in early July. This bill covers the fall term of housing, and payment will be due in accordance to the payment schedule set by the Office of the Bursar.

·       All students receive their spring-term housing bills in early December if they are continuing to live on campus. Payment for the spring term housing bill will be due in accordance to the payment schedule set by the Office of the Bursar.

·       All housing fees can be accessed via your personal MyMercer.

·       Questions about housing charges should be directed to the office of Campus Life and Housing.


Students are strongly encouraged to select their own roommates; housing does not facility this process. For Returning Students - To reserve a space for your potential roommate, before contracting you must complete a Roommate Pin (which will allow you to select a space for your roommate).  The "pinned" roommate must complete a "Pinned Roommate" contract within 48 hours of being selected.  
You can also check your assignment and roommate information through MyMercer.



The Office of Campus & Residence Life reserves the right to authorize or deny room and roommate changes, consolidate vacancies, re-designate building usage, cancel a student’s room assignment, or relocate students for any reason including, but not limited to, health, interest of order, non-payment, discipline, maximum utilization of residence space, or disaster. A resident alone in a double or two residents in a quad occupancy room may be required to consolidate (move to another room) with another resident.


Assignment Changes

·  Students will not be allowed to make room changes until two weeks after move-in.  Complete request(s) through MyMercer.

·  A student may NOT move into any room other than the one assigned to him/her without the approval from Campus & Residence Life. Unauthorized room changes are subject to an improper room change fees.

·  To cancel a contract, a cancellation form must be completed through MyMercer.  Please see the Mercer University Housing Terms and Conditions of the contract for eligibility and applicable fees.

·  Students who do not check in with Campus Life & Housing by the first day of classes of each term may be reassigned and/or lose their assignment.


Problem solving

Always maintain an open line of communication with your roommate(s), respectfully discussing problems and negotiating solutions. If you are unable to settle an issue in this manner, talk first with your Resident Assistant (RA).  If necessary, the RA will then work with the Graduate Hall Director (GHD) to help resolve the issue.


Appealing a damage bill

You have 10 days after the date of the billing to pay or appeal your damage bill; send appeals to

A non-payment hold will be placed on your account if you have an unpaid damage bill.  Express check-outs are not appealable.



Mercer University Housing Contract Terms and Conditions