Distance Learning Student Services

Distance Learning students are important members of the Mercer community and should be aware of various student services available to them.   If a distance learning student happens to be located in close proximity to the Atlanta campus, they are encouraged to utilize all on-campus student services and programs at http://atlstuaffairs.mercer.edu/   as any student would.   For students enrolled but located in areas that make visiting the campus impractical, some student services in the Student Affairs Division have been modified to provide you with assistance as well.  


These services include:



Distance Learning students may utilize the following Access & Accommodations (Disability Services) resources: https://access.mercer.edu/.  Here you will find links for the required Disability Verification forms.  Also on this page check out program specific information links for pre admissions and post-graduation testing.  Students may register and request accommodations from the ACCESS and Accommodation Office by phone (678) 547-6823, fax (678) 547-6373 or email Richard Stilley at stilley_r@mercer.edu 


The Counseling and Psychological Services Center on the Atlanta campus does not provide counseling via email, phone or other technology. If a distance learner is within the vicinity of Atlanta campus, they can access in person counseling by calling (678) 547-6060. Distance learners may visit the Counseling Center website for self-help resources at http://counseling.mercer.edu/.


Distance Learning Students may utilize the services of the Office of Career Management by visiting the website at http://career.mercer.edu/ .  Job listings and job search strategies are listed on the site as well as links to additional resources.  Individual assistance is available by e-mailing Marueen Sweatman at sweatman_ma@mercer.edu


Students who have questions about student services on the Atlanta campus may contact the Associate Dean of Students’ Office at stilley_r@mercer.edu.