Fundraising FAQ


The Senior Vice President's Office has had several requests from various groups to have bake sales and/or large social gatherings on campus.  As you are aware, we have a contract with Carlyle's for cafeteria and catering services.   At the same time, we understand that social events (especially those involving food!) are wonderful opportunities to build campus community.  In an effort to support food services and to continue to build community on this campus, we have developed a few guidelines that will be of assistance to you as you plan: 

  1. Please limit large social and/or fundraising events that involve the selling of or bringing food items to campus to once per semester.

  2. When large social and/or fundraising events are scheduled and those events involve selling or bringing food items to campus (e.g., potlucks, bake sales, etc.), please contact the SVP's office one week in advance to get approval so we can let Ken Boyer and our colleagues in the cafeteria know of potential impact on food service.

  3. In the event you do schedule a bake sale, food items cannot be sold in or near the cafeteria.

As is always the case, when you do have events, please make every effort to ensure that the area is left clean and well-maintained.


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