Prevention & Risk Reduction Strategies

bear pawBecome conversant in Mercer's Consent policy.  Does it differ from your expectations? What invalidates consent? What challenges do you foresee putting this into practice?

bear pawExamine your relationship communication.  How can you enhance your communication skills to help ensure mutual understanding
bear pawAssess how Tabachnick's continuum of behaviors can help you identify abusive behavior and avoid harm or guide intervention opportunities. 
bear pawRecognize your own attitudes around gender inequality and gender identification and how bystanders' responses vary by gender.  
bear pawPromote risk reduction strategies for yourself, family, friends, community (socio-ecological). 
bear pawAcknowledge your role as a professional to help eliminate, prevent and address intimate partner violence (IPV) and gender inequality.
bear pawWork to develop bystander intervention skills assessing, enlisting, deciding, acting/confronting to support indirect, direct, and distraction plans. 
bear pawShare solutions and stories that enhance success and build capacity to effect change. 

09.06.17 HL