Bystander Interventions

Stand Tall during moments that matter most

Stay Tuned: Assess Risks in the Environment (STARE) 

You’ve had a lot to drink; can I get you a safe ride home?

· ___ plans to ‘get lucky’ tonight; let’s keep a close eye on ___.

Lend Stay Tuned: Your Support / Be Attentive to Identified Needs

· I’m concerned about that bruise; are you alright?

· You said you’re drinking to forget . . . Let’s talk about it.

Encourage Safe, Positive Options / Available Resources

· You’re so stressed; did you call the counselor/resource center? 

Utilize Others’ Help / Alert Them to Your Intentions

· ___is hitting on ___; will you help me create a distraction? 

Take Action / Indirect, Direct, Distraction, Combination

· Have you considered that comment might be offensive?

· __’s showing you a lot of unwelcome attention; need help?

· Excuse me, I’m going to have to ask you to leave __ alone. 

Help! Escalate to Authority, as Indicated

· Hey, bartender/bouncer, something needs to happen here! 

   · I don't like where this is headed: Call 911 Emergency! 
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