Engaged Bears

Engaged Bears Brochure - Atlanta (click on link to download)

Statements, Definitions, and Compliance Support Brochure (click on link to download)


  • Mercer University does not tolerate sexual discrimination or sexual violence and has policies in place to address situations when they occur.

  • Students may report violations of policy to a range of individuals (see brochure)

  • Unlike Georgia law, Mercer defines consent in the context of sexual activity. This definition would apply in any instances in which the college is investigating and hearing a case of an alleged policy violation.

  • The standard of evidence in disciplinary hearings is the Preponderance of the Evidence (more likely than not), which is a lower threshold than what is required in a criminal case.

  • Students may access their location-specific brochure to identify counseling services if they wish to discuss potential violations or trauma confidentially.

  • Mercer encourages students to consider effective strategies and safe interventions to help reduce the risk for violence and help maintain a safe and healthy community 

  • For further information about Bystander Intervention, please click here.

  • For further information about Strategies, please click here.  

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